woensdag 25 juni 2008

Little bit of shoe history

This shoe is so much fun to look at. And when you think that it comes from 1938 it looks like it could have been on the feet of any 1970s Studio 54 dancer, its forward-thinking style is that much more impressive. This is one of the earliest platform shoes ever made, by Salvatore Ferragamo, who is credited with ”inventing” the platform shoe, and it lives at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute.


Today we went to the fashionable parts of Utrecht, to spot some hot shoes!

donderdag 19 juni 2008


Hello People!

Thanks for visiting our Blog, like it?!
Mij name is Wendy Rombouts, studying fashion at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam! Fashion is my life, especially fashion on the street. All the different people and the different styles! LOVE IT!
Expect I love fashion, I really have a sneaker-addiction! All the funky, multicolor shoes, i can't resist them! I think i've got 25 pairs of sneakers, and for me it's never enough.
Besides my fashion/sneakers addiction, I like to draw, sew, eighties stuff (watch my shoes ;) ), listen to some cool music and chillin ofcourse!
I hope you like it here!
PEACE, Wendy


Hi there!
I'm Laura the 4th member of Streetbeat! It won't surprise you that I'm also a fashion student at the Willem de Kooning academie in Rotterdam :). I am also a big fan of streetfashion and shoes! What would a woman do without shoes? They're one of the most important things that people wear. And I think they can really tell a lot about someone.
What I like about streetfashion is the variety on the streets. You can find so many different people with their own style, a lot of them are an inspiration to me. I also think that the streets are a great place to watch the trends.
The things that I like to do are; see, make and off course wear clothes! And I like to photograph and chill with my friends.


Hello guys :)
Thanks for visiting our blog, hope you'll like it! My name is Valerie, and just like the other Streetbeat girls, I'm a 1st year student on the Willem de Kooning academy. We're studying to become fashion designers, or anything like that! My biggest passion is, offcorse, fashion! When i was like ten years old, i started collecting some fashion pictures, and i started sewing. From that moment I made my decision: one day, i'll be a fashion designer! In the past years i realised it isn't that easy, but the thing i really want is to express my creativity!
I really like streetstyle, especcialy how people combine their shoes with the rest of the outfit. I think, shoes are the finishing touch of the whole look, and tell things about people!
Besides shoes and fashion, i like shopping, going out, watching movies, customizing, surfing on the internet and travelling. I hope you like our blog, and get inspired by all of the beautiful shoes! Have Fun!


Hi everybody!

awesome to have you here, watching our blog! To let YOU know who we are, we are all going to introduce ourselves with a tiny text and a streetbeat picture, with our shoes offcourse!
Well guess i'm going to be the first introducing myself, i'm Florine van Rees, a first year fashion student on the Willem de Kooning academie of art in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I'm really into the streetfashion and i love to check al the different types of streetstyle, combinated with personal things, and shoes offcourse! Besides doin al kinds of creative stuff i love to dance and playing tennis. Offcorse i'm also a fan of hanging out with my friends, going to clubs and festivals or having a nice chill-evening on the couch with a movie and loads of food!
I hope that you like our blog about "shoes" and get inspiration by seeing our pictures and reading our textes! ENJOY! X Florine

dinsdag 17 juni 2008

let's go over/to the top, increase it baby!

some *BLINGBLING* hot sneaks for the little ones

Let's talk about the real KILLER HEELS

Shoes and fashion

Shoes are a very important object in the fashion fotography, it most of the times has the "spotlight", just like they should have!

Gladiator heels

Last month, we already saw the gladiator sandals on the street. We still see them, but the gladiator heels are winning! Reason?

In the Sex and the City Movie we saw some beautiful shoes passing by, but what dit we noticed? Carrie was wearing gladiator heels! With thanks to Patricia Field, Carrie Bradshaw is still a Fashion Icon, and a big influence!

Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker)

Let's recycle some shoes!

Fashion fotography by Ralph Gibson