donderdag 19 juni 2008


Hello guys :)
Thanks for visiting our blog, hope you'll like it! My name is Valerie, and just like the other Streetbeat girls, I'm a 1st year student on the Willem de Kooning academy. We're studying to become fashion designers, or anything like that! My biggest passion is, offcorse, fashion! When i was like ten years old, i started collecting some fashion pictures, and i started sewing. From that moment I made my decision: one day, i'll be a fashion designer! In the past years i realised it isn't that easy, but the thing i really want is to express my creativity!
I really like streetstyle, especcialy how people combine their shoes with the rest of the outfit. I think, shoes are the finishing touch of the whole look, and tell things about people!
Besides shoes and fashion, i like shopping, going out, watching movies, customizing, surfing on the internet and travelling. I hope you like our blog, and get inspired by all of the beautiful shoes! Have Fun!

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streetbeat! zei

I would like to see a nice pic of you Valerie! X F